International Faculty

Industry leaders from all over the world are gathered at so that The Best in Their Fields Can Guide You Forward.

’s dynamic, highly qualified instructors are known both for their expertise and in their ability to teach and inspire students. Our faculty does not only provide students with resources, but also networks of connections that will help them advance your abilities, and your career.


Our instructors come from all parts of the world and most of them possess PhD in their respective field. With teaching experience spanning years, and in some cases even decades, these professional field specialists are committed to transferring their lifelong learning to students optimizing the university's truly digital platform.


As learning at is 100% online, our instructors possess an additional skill: ability to transfer knowledge using today's best digital learning tools. Every single member of our faculty is an expert when it comes to utilizing 's completely web-based educational environment. They create video lectures, develop digital books and lessons, address to live online classes, develop courses and assessments online, and undertake the complete teaching process digitally.


Meet our Faculty

  • Kerri Vanallen
    PhD Computer Science
    Director of Educational Affairs,
    Computer Science
  • Daniel Silva
    BA Contemplative Psychology
    United States
    Faculty Member at School of
  • Marion D. Morgan
    MS Product Design
    Professor, Engineering
  • Tyler Glass
    PhD, Engineering
    Assistant Professor, Material
    Sciences and Engineering
  • Bianca G. Babineaux
    Masters in Criminal Justice
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Frances R. Lehman
    PhD, Marketing
    United States
    Social Psychologist and Professor
    of Marketing