Embracing Change and Opportunity with a Can-Do Attitude

Asherton University is proud to offer innovative, values-based college education, our academic programs are specifically designed to deliver career-specific training and help students develop the critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills needed for distinguished professional success.


Our online programs are flexible and industry responsive, designed to help you manage your hectic work schedules and education together.


  • Degree PROGRAMS

    Our online accredited and globally recognized degree programs are focused specifically to help students establish themselves in the professional industry.

    These programs are entirely online and come with great flexibility, with students having the authority to choose their own schedule without compromising their personal or professional commitments.

    Our degree programs, from Associate to PhD, are designed to develop comprehensive skills for professional autonomy.

    Associate Degrees

    Associate of Arts Degree

    Bachelor's Degrees

    Associate to
    Bachelors Degree

    Master’s Degree

    Masters Degree

    Doctorate Degrees

    Doctorate Degree
    Doctorate Degree
  • Diploma PROGRAMS

    Asherton University offers diploma in your required field to enhance your expertise which would help you overcome the challenges in your career .

    Our Diploma programs equip you with the practical skills and knowledge which can improve your professional outlook in a short time.

    Graduate Diploma


    Undergraduate Diploma





  • Certificate PROGRAMS

    Our certificate programs are highly cost effective and time efficient. This program helps students to become responsive to the outside industry and excel in their area of study.

    Certificate programs are market-focused short courses, centered on the idea to provide you an edge by adding value to your academic profile.

    Undergraduate Certificates

    Undergraduate certificate
    Course certificate

    Graduate Certificates

    Graduate certificates
    Course certificate